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Sunshine Pet Care - for dog walking & house sitting - dog treats, chews, food, toys

The Whole Dog Journal - great resource for nutrition, product reviews, training

Get Rev'd - lots of info about the sport of agilty

PAWS for People - interested in becoming part of a therapy dog team?

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy - Online dog sports education

Sunshine Pet Care Whole Dog Journal
Get Rev'd Agility Paws for people
Fenzi Dog Sports
Camp Bow Wow


- great resource for dog books & DVDs

Concord Pet - healthy pet food & other supplies

Clean Run - everything for agility & dog lovers

Say Yes! Dog Training - Susan Garrett's comprehensive site

Paul Greenholt REALTORŪ - looking to buy or sell a home?
Pet valu
Concord Pet
clean run

Patterson SchwartzPaul Greenholt Say Yes Dog Training


Housetraining article

Puppy Biting article

Recomended Resources list


Sara and Blue

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