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Puppy sitting is offered on a limited basis at Mary Woodward's house. If you are going away and want to be sure your young puppy is cared for in a loving home setting, then consider Camp Woodward! Puppies live as members of the family and receive training on a daily basis as well as walks and playtime in the fenced-in backyard. Training, walks, and baths (if needed) are all included. Pups will also get plenty of playtime with Mary's own dogs (and might get to interact with her cat).

Campers need to be very young (less than 12 weeks) or very little (less than 16 lbs), although very calm, mature dogs will be considered pending a meet & greet with her dogs. Please contact Mary if you are interested. 
Due to a health situation at home (and her own giant puppy), Mary is not accepting any new boarders at this time.

$70 per day* for the first 3 full days
$50 per day starting with the 4th day

* prices are per day, not per night (think day care, not hotel)

Pups dropped off after 6:00pm or picked up before 11am will be charged half price for that day.

Supplies to bring:
- food
- food bowl
- collar & leash
- crate & bedding
- 1-2 toys (although we have plenty to share)
- heathy chewies (e.g. pig ears, bullysticks)

Download & print the puppysitting contract.

Payment by cash or check is preferred. Payment via Paypal is available for an additional 3% (to cover PayPal fees). Payment is due upon pickup. Please do NOT use the PayPal option before confirming the stay with Mary!

"As a family with no extended family close by, Greenwood has been a life changer for us.  Mary and her family first boarded Wally when he was just 3 months old.  We never would have left such a young puppy at a kennel, but at the Woodward home, he got to live with, and be loved by, a family of humans and animals 24/7.  Our Dachshund Wally has stayed at the Woodward home at least 8 times in the past two and a half years.  Each time, he is happy, he is loved, and he comes home better trained than when we left him. One of the factors that helped us decide to add a second dog to our family was that we knew we could rely on Greenwood Dogs for support whenever we needed them. 

As we packed for our recent Christmas trip to visit family, Wally and Penny got nervous about the suitcases and piles.  But the minute I packed their leashes, food, and toys, nervousness changed to excitement!  They jumped and wagged and then sat together on the back door mat until I finally texted Mary to see if I could just bring them over early.  Nothing makes a human vacation better than knowing that our four legged children are happy and enjoying every minute of their own vacation.  We wholeheartedly recommend Camp Woodward for puppy sitting."
~ The Conces family

Wally & Penny

Wally & Penny Conces enjoying Christmas morning



Space is limited and long-time clients have preference, so contact
Mary as soon as possible if you are interested. For older pups, you will likely need to arrange a "get to know you visit" so we can be sure everyone will get along.



Happy Woodward takes her friend Dutchy for a walk

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