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Private lessons are held in your own home or yard. They are customized to your training needs. Whether you want help with a new puppy (housetraining, puppybiting issues, and basic manners) or have other specific training objectives in mind, Marywill work with you to achieve your goals.

Each lesson lasts about 60 minutes  Please print and fill out the private lesson registration form and have it ready for your first lesson.

Also offered are phone consultations, $25 for 30 minutes.

Please contact Contact Mary for lessons in northern Delaware or Landenburg.

"We were so fortunate when our vet recommended Greenwood Dog Training School to us! We have a Sheltie puppy, Katie, who has my husband and me wrapped around her four little paws! We needed help with her behavior and we called Mary who has come to our home to train us and Katie! We have had excellent experiences with Mary and Katie adores her. Mary comes to our home at a time and date convenient to both of us. She stays and trains all of us until she is satisfied that we can work on the training on our own until our next appointment. Mary listens and adjusts her training to whatever problems we see and she changes her plans to suit our requests. Mary always has a written description of the training procedures so we can have them during our work with Katie. She is terrific to work with and she is so successful in her methods! I would never be able to remember all that Mary does with Katie for each behavior. The written instructions are a huge help! I highly recommend Greenwood Dog Training."
~ Sara & Larry Simpson (& Katie)


Single Lesson  $115

3 Lesson Package*   $315

30 min phone consult  $25 

Payment may be made at the time of the lesson using cash, check, or Venmo.

* 3 Lesson Packages are non-transferable, non-refundable, and need to be used within 12 months.

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