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Advanced Course Policy, Procedures, & Payment

The Advanced Course is open to all students who have completed Greenwood’s Level 2 Course, or an equivalent level course from another training program. This course covers Beginner Novice through Utility obedience level exercises, Rally Obedience & Tricks, as found in AKC sponsored events, as well as pre-agility skills, therapy dog skills and other skills and exercises based on student interest.

  • Students must complete an Advanced Course Registration & provide a copy of a current rabies vaccination record at the first of every year.
  • Students join the course for the month.
  • Students may choose to join multiple months at a time & pay for them all in advance.  
  • Students may use planned absences (vacation, business trips, etc.) & pay only for the days that month that they will be in attendance.
  • The instructor must be notified of the planned absences at the time tuition is paid. This allows for drop-in or make-up by other students on the day(s) that will be missed.
  • If there is room in either of the other 2 Advanced Courses, students may make up an unexpected absence by joining them, with prior arrangement with the instructor. 

  • Tuition is $25 per night multiplied by the number of classes per month.
  • If class is cancelled by the instructor, a credit  will be given toward the next month’s tuition.
  • Tuition payment is due by the first class of the month & secures the student’s spot in the course for that month only.
  • Payment for a drop-in is due at the beginning of the class.
  • Payment may be made with check or cash only.
  • If paying cash, students must place cash in an envelope with their name & date of any planned absences.
  • No credit given for unplanned absences.
  • UPDATE: We are now offering a PayPal option for advanced lessons: 
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